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Penny Boards Star Wars Collection - Penny Skateboards UK

Star Wars


Not so long ago… in a skatepark not so far away… Penny Skateboards and Star Wars combined forces to bring the galaxy a collaboration like none before it. By taking the likenesses of some of the most beloved characters from the Star Wars universe, Penny has created a line up of 6 collectable skateboards.

In this line there is a board for every side of The force. You can roll on the dark side with Darth Vader and his loyal army of Stormtroopers; or you could side with the Rebels and hop on 4 wheels with your best pal R2-D2. And if you don’t like to pick sides, then blast off into neutral air space with the notorious bounty hunter, Boba Fett. These boards are now available globally and beyond. Ride safe young padawans!

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